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About EMR

Since 1980, EMR Corp has provided design, supply and implementation of complete R.F. communication systems.

In Building Solutions

BDA/UDA Systems, Battery Backup, Remote Power Monitoring. NFPA Compliant with optional upgrades.

SYS Combiners

Easy to deploy hybrid combiner technology, proximity adjacent channel combining, close spacing.

Ferrite Combiners

Our square cavities and combining configurations allow us to provide compact, space saving solutions!

Receiver Multicouplers

Standard, Tower Top, Compact designs, save space without sacrificing perforance!

Antenna Duplexers

Base Station Pass-Notch, Band Pass, Mobile, Iso-Plexers, RFS Series

Intermod Control

Isolators, Circulators, IM Panels

Cavity Resonators

High Q, Band Pass, Pass Notch, Iso-Cav, Crystal-Cav

RF Peripherals

Power products, RF Filters, Mounting Hardware


Dipole, Colinear, Quarter Wave, Yagi, In-Building DAS

News & Events

Which Antenna Duplexer is right for you?

Which Antenna Duplexer is right for you? There are several factors involved in choosing the right duplexer for your application.  Most consider only TX power and frequency offset when deciding whether a duplexer fits their application.  While ...

Understanding Antenna Aperture and BDA Systems

Understanding Antenna Aperture and BDA Systems Utilizing a directional antenna for a BDA donor antenna isn't just about the gain it provides, but also how the antenna narrows the aperture of the antenna. Using a directional donor ...

Cavity Filter-Ferrite vs Hybrid-Ferrite Combining

Cavity Filter-Ferrite vs Hybrid-Ferrite Combining: What's the Difference? Transmitter (TX) Combiners are designed to allow a number of transmitters to share a common antenna reducing cost as well as tower wind and weight loading. A TX Combiner ...