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EMR Corporation was founded in 1980 by William Lieske, Sr. as an OEM supplier of ferrite and hybrid devices to the land mobile communications and broadcast industries. Until his passing in 2007, Bill was involved in radio communications for more than 70 years. Beginning with a radio amateur license at the age of 13, he went on to work in military radar, public safety, radio communication manufacturing and commercial corporate sales. As the chief engineer, Bill’s approach to R.F. systems component design was without parallel in the industry. Bill’s work has helped set standards in the U.S. and international land mobile communications and antenna site management industries. Soon after founding EMR Bill expanded his scope of activities to include the design and manufacturing of ferrite and cavity resonant devices and complex combinations of R.F. filtering products, such as antenna duplexers, hybrid and cavity resonant combining networks and receiver multicoupling.

In early 1992, EMR began manufacturing amplifiers for land mobile and broadcast receiver applications. EMR’s product line now includes a line of receiver pre-amplifiers, hybrid dividers and amplifiers in various bands for up to 250 watts output power. as well as advanced product for in-building signal enhancement applications and web based antenna site monitoring. EMR offers a complete line of antenna site and mobile application filtering products covering the R.F. spectrum from 30 MHz to 2.8 GHz.
William Lieske, Sr. retired from day-to-day operations in 1999, but remained active in the company until his death. Bill Lieske, Sr. passed away on January 9, 2007. William Lieske, Jr. had taken over general management of the company by the late 1990s and continues today as President and CEO of EMR Corporation. The legacy of Bill Lieske, Sr has given Bill Jr the training and tools to continue operations with an efficient and effective team of highly trained, motivated, dedicated employees. With our specialized team members providing leadership, top notch engineering and state of the art manufacturing we design and manufacture a wide variety of custom products as well as products for standardized applications. EMR excels in unique designs to meet exact customer requirements.

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Doug Ferrini

VP of Engineering

Rod Defoor

Manufacturing & Design

Kahtan Al-Hashimi

Safety & Quality Control Manager

Billy Jack Vallejo

Machine Shop Manager

Michelle Yager

Sales Associate

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