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In-Building Solutions

Fully customizable BDA/UDA Systems, Battery Backup, Remote Power Monitoring.  NFPA Compliant, automated gain control with optional 80+ dB adjustable system gain.

SYS Series Combiners

Easy to deply hybrid combiner technology in VHF, UHF, 700-800 MHz bands.  allowing proximity/adjacent channel combining with spacing as close as 6.25 KHz.

Transmitter Combiners

EMR Filter-Ferrite Transmitter Combiners use space saving, High-Q square cavity resonators, and wideband isolators providing lower insertion loss than hybrid designs.

Antenna Duplexers

EMR antenna duplexers allow for the use of a transmitter and receiver onto a common antenna. Our square cavities provide greater Q while requiring minimal space.

Receiver Multicouplers

EMR Receiver Multicouplers allow several receivers to share a common antenna. These units include a preselector, amplifier, power supply and power divider.

Power Monitoring

EMR Power monitoring peripherals apply to a wide range of applications, including RF peripherals and In-Building DAS Solutions. Fully configurable and web accessible.

Intermod Products

 EMR Corp W-Series ferrite Isolators/Circulators maintain low insertion loss with stable operation while providing excellent isolation for single and dual stage units.

Cavity Resonators

EMR Cavity Resonators are available in Band-Pass and Pass-Notch styles. Multiple cavities may be connected for greater selectivity with minimal insertion loss.

Signal Enhancement Antennas

EMR In-Building Signal Enhancement antennas are ideal for DAS applications, built with durable materials and are painted for corrosion resistance and best power transfer.