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EMR Intermodulation Control Panels (IM-Panels) include our wide-band line of isolators as a key component. These units are compact, with consistent access to input and output connectors, while providing optimal electrical performance and heat dissipation. All EMR IM-Panels include a 2nd harmonic filter placed at the output connector of the isolator providing suppression of 2nd harmonics. A low pass filter may be used in systems requiring additional rejection of all harmonics and spurious signals.

Product Features:
  • Compact Design
  • Wide-Band Isolators
  • 2nd Harmonic Protection
  • Temperature Compensated

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band

VSWR (Max.)


Input Power (Max.)

Isolation Ant-Tx (Min.)

Isolator Stage

Load Termination

Reflected Power (Max.)

Impedance (Nom.)

RF Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mount

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

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