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EMR Corp W-Series (Wideband) line of ferrite Isolators/Circulators have excellent narrow band as well as broadband specifications. These isolators maintain low insertion loss with stable operation while providing excellent isolation at 30+ dB for single and 65+ dB for dual units. Wider bandwidths help to facilitate stocking requiring fewer SKU Nos for inventory making the W-Series an ideal choice for distributors.

Product Features:
  • Available from 30 MHz to 1.3 GHz Bands
  • Wider Bandwidths available with changes to specifications.

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band


Input Power (Max.)

Insertion Loss (Max.)

Isolation Ant-Tx (Min.)


Isolator Stage

Load Termination

Reflected Power (Max.)

Return Loss (Min.)

Impedance (Nom.)

RF Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

Weight 2 lbs

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