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EMR Receiver Multicouplers allow several receivers to share a common antenna. These units include a preselector, amplifier, power supply and power divider which effectively amplifiy a filtered band of frequencies to individual receivers. The power divider provides a minimum of 23 dB of port-to-port isolation preventing signal mixing even at minimal channel separation.

Product Features:
  • Rugged constructed components
  • Flat gain, high performance Low Noise Amplifier
  • High compression point, Low IM generation

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band

1dB Comp. Point

Amplifier Bias Voltage

Amplifier Current Draw

Amplifier Gain (Typ.)

Amplifier Noise Figure

Amplifier Type

Isolation Rx-Rx (Min.)

Number of Channels

Number of Resonators

Passband Range

System Voltage

VSWR @ Resonance (Max.)

Impedance (Nom.)

RF Connectors (I/O)

System NF (Typ.)

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mount

Rack Units

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

Weight 12 lbs

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