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EMR Control station combiners couple a mobile, simplex, or half-duplexed radio having a single antenna port to two antennas with a recommended 60 dB of decoupling between them .EMR Control Station Combiners are designed to function as both TX combiner and receive multicoupler;  There is no TX wide band noise suppression or preselector filter in this device making antenna decoupling necessary.

Product Features:
  • EMR Control Station Combiners are available in all bands from 154 MHz to 460 MHz from 2 to 16 channels.

EMR solutions for homeland security off the most practical approach to simplex and full combining in mobile and base station applications.

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band

1dB Comp. Point

Amplifier Gain (Typ.)

Input Power (Max.)

Insertion Loss Tx (Max.)


Isolation Ant-Tx (Min.)

Isolation Rx-Rx (Min.)

Isolation Tx-Tx (Min.)

Number of Channels

Power Supply


Power Per Channel (Max.)

System Gain (Typ.)

VSWR In/Out (Max.)

RF Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mount

Rack Units

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

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