EMR Hybrid-Ferrite Combiners combine multiple extremely close spaced transmit frequencies to a common antenna. Our hybrid-ferrite combiners occupy less vertical rack space in a 19 inch EIA relay rack or cabinet than conventional filter-ferrite combiners. Hybrid configurations are available in up to 8 channels and are capable of up to 125W per channel.

Product Features:
  • Combines extremely close spaced transmit frequencies.
  • Easily accommodates additional channels.
  • Compact 19″ EIA rack mount design.

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band

Freq. Spacing (Min.)

Insertion Loss Tx (Max. / Typ.)

Isolation Ant-Tx (Min. / Typ.)

Isolation Tx-Tx (Min. / Typ.)

Isolator Stage

Number of Channels

Power Per Channel (Max.)

Return Loss I/O (Max.)

Tx Bandpass Filter

Impedance (Nom.)

RF Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mount

Rack Units

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

Weight 38 lbs

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