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EMR SYS Series Compact Combiners are single antenna systems including a transmitter combiner, receiver multicoupler and antenna duplexer. Using hybrid-ferrite technology a wide variety of difficult to combine frequencies can be shared on a common antenna.  These systems are available in 25W, 50W and 100W versions delivered ready for operation with no on-site tuning or adjustment required.

Product Features:
  • Compact Size: 3 RU Vertical Height for 25 W, 2, 3 and 4 CH versions.
  • Up to 8CH / 100 W Power Applications: VHF, UHF, 700 & 800 MHz.
  • Full Duplex, ideal for Digital RF Repeater Systems.
  • 5 Year Warranty.  Made in the USA.

Additional information

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band

Amplifier Bias Voltage

Amplifier Current Draw

Amplifier Gain Adjust

Amplifier Gain (Max.)

Amplifier Noise Figure

Insertion Loss Tx (Typ.)

Isolation Ant-Tx (Min. / Typ.)

Isolation Rx-Tx (Min. / Typ.)

Isolation Tx-Rx (Min. / Typ.)

Isolation Tx-Tx (Min. / Typ.)

Number of Channels

Passband Tx/Rx

1 MHz

Power Per Channel (Max.)

Return Loss I/O (Max.)

Rx Multicoupler Amp

Stopband Tx-Rx

> 4 MHz

System Voltage

Tx Bandpass Filter

Impedance (Nom.)

RF Connectors

, ,

System NF (Typ.)

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mount

Rack Units

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp. Range

Operating Humidity Range

Weight 35 lbs

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